General Timeline:

Your test results will be sent to patient portal within 2 weeks of completion. Please notify the office if you do not receive your results within 2 weeks.

Some specialized testing may take longer to be completed. In the case of functional testing (CDSA, ION PANEL, SALIVARY PROFILES), we will send a copy of the test result when it comes in. Dr. Beer will schedule a phone consult with laboratory specialists to review your results and prepare a report. You should schedule a follow up appointment to review these results one week after you receive report.

Urgent Results:

Test results are reviewed regularly and flagged results will be reported to the patient when they return from the lab but in general, we wait for the final report before sending results.

Accessing Test Results:

The Patient Portal is a secure, password protected website which allows us to transmit confidential medical information by the Internet

You will receive an email informing you to connect to the patient portal via a link. You will need to enter your user name (email address), password (which you can reset) and verification (date of birth).

Once in the portal you can open the “message: which will include a copy of the test report as well as a brief comment and recommendation. The “message” tab is the first tab on the upper left hand corner of the page.

If you have difficulty connecting to patient portal, notify the office by sending an email to

Our staff will respond to provide you with the help you need. In most cases, this involves obtaining a new password.

General Information:

Receiving a report does not replace an office visit to discuss results in detail and establish a treatment plan.

Communicating by patient portal may seem impersonal to some of you but it allows our practice to report results, provide copies of the actual test report and document this information in your medical record. If you wish to discuss results directly, we urge to schedule a follow up appointment to do so.