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Using the best of science based medicine to deliver preventive, proactive, precision health care. The fundamentals of our program are directed toward supporting you in a new way to think about your health and how YOU manage it. You are engaged in taking charge of your health by learning the keys to self-care. Our program is designed to support healthy aging, increased endurance, improved body composition, better energy, improved sleep and stress resilience.

Practice Philosophy

Recent advances in genomics and diagnosis are propelling medical care into an era that allows a personalized approach while managed care has been focused more on managed costs. Today’s model of one size fits all medical care is based on economic efficiencies and “cost effective care”. It emphasizes generically designed treatment guidelines for the average person and uses drugs that focus on suppressing symptoms.

Our personalized approach is based on the principles of Functional Medicine.   We analyze antecedents, triggers and mediators and evaluate the genetic, nutritional, hormonal, and inflammatory factors that are the root causes of poor health. Symptoms are not simply suppressed but used as indicators of imbalances in core physiologic systems

The growing focus on primary care and the rapid evolution of alternative health care approaches have resulted in a unique juncture in the evolution of our health care system. We are trained in the scientific principles of conventional medicine but we also believe that holistic medicine provides many solutions to the health challenges faced by our patients and our health care system. The solution to our health care crisis is based on the progress to a new model based on a system of treatment that educates people with respect to the true causes of illness and the natural laws that impact on our health. We believe that alternative medicine is actually “no-alternative” medicine.

We believe that the time has come for those who seek solutions to their health concerns to receive the benefits of both systems in one location with a spirit and attitude that acknowledge the inherent value of both approaches.

We believe that education is the foundation of your healthcare. As physicians and healers, we want to develop a methodology to provide and apply this knowledge in the promotion of health. We want to produce real results in the lives of our patients. We believe in the importance of scientifically based diagnosis and treatment.

We believe in preventive care that promotes health by focusing on hygienic living and natural methods of reinforcing the body’s inherent ability to resist dysfunction and illness and to heal and manifest health as long as it is provided with the proper instructions from a balanced and personalized lifestyle approach.

Personalized medicine vs. Conventional Medicine

The conventional model is evidence-based medicine that attempts to define best practices as determined by population-based studies. It emphasizes the use of evidence in the design of guidelines and policies that apply to groups of patients and populations with specific diagnoses. Treatment consists of pharmaceuticals and surgical procedures focused on alleviation of symptoms.
Personalized medicine is science based but uses the growing understanding of genetics and how environmental factors impact on gene expression to provide individualized solutions to the underlying causes of illness.

Functional Medicine

Functional medicine is a scientifically based field of medicine that:

• Focuses on biochemical individuality based on genetic and environmental uniqueness.
• Is patient centered versus disease centered
• Assesses the dynamic balance of internal and external factors to restore balance rather than suppress symptoms
• Promotes health as a positive vitality not simply the absence of disease
• Explores the web -like interconnections of physiologic functions to define underlying conditions that lead to illness
• Improves “health span” and enhances quality of life by the promotion of organ reserve.

Integrated Genetic Solutions

We are partnering with Integrated Genetic Solutions, a software company that offers a computer based analysis of blood chemistry, hormones, nutrients and genetics to design a custom supplement and medication plan. Personalized diet and exercise programs will be provided in the future. By analyzing a full panel of blood chemistries and DNA we can develop a personalized prescription of medications, supplements and nutraceuticals.
Genetic analysis can also provide a guide to your optimal diet and exercise program and instruct you in the lifestyle changes you need to make. By bringing body chemistry to optimal levels we can improve your health, vitality, mental acuity, energy and stamina.

Health Coaching

Lifestyle changes can be challenging for even the most motivated individuals. A health coach makes it their mission to guide and support you in achieving your individualized health and wellness goals. This means health coaching is an essential and required component of our program. Each participant will have the opportunity to schedule initial and follow up sessions to assess and support you in making step-by-step lasting lifestyle changes.

Stress management

Stress comes in many forms and is an unavoidable part of life. Work, illness, finances, relationships, injuries, poor diets, substance abuse and emotional problems may all result in stressful feelings. The challenge is to become more stress resilient and to learn how stressful events can be used to learn the necessary adaptations you need to make.

Pain Solutions

Pain is a common condition that impacts negatively on health in many ways. Our practice offers pain treatments that combine various structural treatments while also managing factors such as inflammation, oxidative stress and nutritional deficiencies that can perpetuate pain.

Exercise training

Genetic analysis can help determine what form of exercise is best for you. IGS will be adding customized exercise plans in the future. We can refer to trainers best suited to working with you.

Integrative therapies

We work a network of practitioners including chiropractors, homeopaths, acupuncturists, massage therapists, sleep specialists, holistic dentists and psychotherapists who can collaborate in your program. Your practitioners work as a team and care is coordinated.

Q & A

Will insurance cover this care?

Insurance plans are designed to treat illness. Preventive care as defined by insurance coverage is centered on following screening guidelines to identify illness.

Our RESET program services are not covered by insurance since they are educational in nature and do not have diagnostic codes required for insurance coverage. Some components of the program such as testing and supplements may be covered in part.

How long does my program last?

We recommend a minimum 6-month commitment. Recognizing that health factors change with age, injuries, new stressors and all of the variables that we experience, we believe that on going participation is desirable. Experience has shown us that the benefits of improved health, energy and joy of living you experience will support your personal commitment.

How much of the program do I need to participate in?

Many of you have relationships with practitioners you trust. We feel that 100% involvement will give you the best results but at the end of the day you are in the driver’s seat.

How long does it take before I start to feel better?

Every program is customized and refined over time so people will experience optimization of their body chemistry differently. Most people will start to feel better within the first week on the program and will reach optimal levels in about 6 weeks. Like any process, success depends on the individual’s adherence to program medications and supplements as well as diet and exercise.

Our Team

Maurice Beer, MD – Medical Director

Dr. Beer is a board certified internist and Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner with more than 35 years of clinical experience. Dr. Beer is committed to making functional medicine the foundation of his medical practice. Applying the principles of root cause resolution to complex chronic illness and preventive health care he helps his patients find answers to their health challenges. He has special interest in preventive cardiology, Lyme disease and the use of IV nutritional therapy.

Kevin Weiss, DO- Pain Solutions

Dr. Weiss, a neuromuscular pain specialist, was dually trained in neuro-musculoskeletal medicine and family medicine. He is active in the Institute for Functional Medicine training program leading to certification. He combines Functional Medicine with manual medicine and therapeutic injection techniques to address the biomechanical and physiologic components of pain. Getting to the root cause of chronic pain has tremendous potential for improving quality of life, functionality and reducing stress.

Sandra Picinic, Health Coach

Sandra Picinic is a certified Integrative Nutrition and Health Coach. As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach her focus is integrating healthier eating habits into people’s lives and providing clients a bridge between food and lifestyle. She introduces her clients to new healthy foods, teaches them how to cook, provides shopping techniques and most importantly motivates them to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. She also helps clients with weight management, food cravings, sleep, energy, stress management and digestion. She offers cooking classes and supermarket tours that provide experiential training in developing healthier lifestyle.

Lynn Snyder Beer, CSW- Psychotherapist

Lynn Beer was educated at the Columbia University School of Social Work and trained at the National Institute for the Psychotherapies. Incorporating insight-oriented psychotherapy with a psychodynamic approach, she works with her clients to focus on cognitive approaches that modify thinking patterns to help them manage stress.

Stephanie Murillo- Functional Medicine Coordinator

Stephanie has been assisting our patients with scheduling and coordinating visits and testing. She can answer questions about the program, provide the information you need to make a decision about whether our program suits you and can work with you in the enrollment process. She is the go-to person for administrative issues and questions.

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