You have been selected to be a participant in a unique and special medical offering. After much though and investigation, I am converting my practice to a personalized medicine practice (PMP). The benefits for you include enhanced medical and preventive care, educational services and easier access. You may have heard of concierge medicine and some of you may have participated in a recent survey that was undertaken on my behalf. I got some useful and enlightening comments about our practice and we plan to incorporate many of your suggestions in the development of PMP.

The personalized medicine movement has been fueled in recent years by social, political and scientific factors. Physicians and patients are frustrated with a system which devalues the personal relationship between them. We understand the political considerations that inform the structure of our health care system and consumers and providers are deciding to take control of the process so that the system is more effective and provides greater benefits to everyone. Finally, advances in pharmacogenomics and translational medicine will allow us to utilize medications and nutrients in a way that targets treatment programs for individuals based on their biochemical individuality. I am excited by this change and looking forward to engaging with you in the evolution of this practice. Personalized medicine will be preventive, predictive and participatory.

The basic structure of the practice will be based on a model that limits the number of patients in the practice. Individuals who choose to participate will be asked to pay an annual fee to help support this structure. In return, participating patients will receive a number of enhanced benefits.

  • Annual comprehensive and detailed state of the art preventive exam annually. This will include an electrocardiogram, spirometry, body composition analysis and autonomic nervous system assessment. In addition, there are a number of optional tests available for a complete functional medical assessment.
  • Follow up consultation and written report reviewing all the findings and recommendations and develop a plan for on going preventive care and treatment. This can be provided by phone or in the office.
  • Direct phone access via a dedicated phone line for appointments and prescription requests.
  • Consultation with a naturopathic physician
  • Same day appointments, provided in an unhurried environment
  • Email access for questions and any non urgent communications
  • Educational materials can be emailed on request.
  • Monthly patient newsletter
  • Special discounts on nutritional products.
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