Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a commonly diagnosed condition with many causes. The gut, by virtue of its size and function, is our frontline immune defense system. It is also the entry point for many inflammatory substances. Our program utilizes state-of-the-art testing to identify imbalances in the intestinal microbiome and markers for increased intestinal permeability (“leaky gut”).

We identify the specific causes and underlying imbalances for each patient using an approach developed and refined by Institute for Functional Medicine practitioners, which emphasizes the basic concept that food is medicine. This systematic process is known as the 5R Approach.

  • REMOVE dysbiotic microbes, parasites, inflammatory bacteria, yeast, food sensitivities, preservatives, toxins, and abnormal microbiota.
  • REPLACE deficient enzymes, essential nutrients, and lifestyle behaviors that affect digestive disorders with proper eating habits.
  • REINOCULATE the intestinal tract with a diverse supply of beneficial bacteria by creating a receptive GI environment with of prebiotic foods and nutrient supplements. Gut health depends on a diverse population of beneficial bacteria which affect immune function and digestion.
  • REPAIR the gut lining so that its selective barrier functions properly with prebiotics, short chain fatty acids, and specific nutrients that soothe and heal the gut.
  • REBALANCE the autonomic and enteric nervous systems to improve intestinal motility and intrinsic secretion of digestive enzymes through stress management, sleep hygiene, and exercise.
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