You’re probably familiar with the common infections that afflict humans – including strep throat, sinus infections, pneumonia, urinary tract infections, and gastroenteritis. Modern medicine has provided us with a wide array of antibiotics to successfully treat these illnesses.

However, there is another dimension to the problem of infectious diseases: “stealth infections.” All of us harbor pathogenic bacteria and viruses that remain dormant in us even after the symptoms of the infection have resolved. In the case of shingles, for example, the Herpes Zoster virus, acquired with chicken pox, becomes reactivated and causes inflammation along the course of a nerve. There are other infections that can be reactivated by the loss of immune system surveillance. Stress, lack of sleep, allergens, infections, and toxins all can suppress or overwhelm the immune system, which allows reactivation of these dormant microbes and can result in illness whose root cause may be difficult to identify.

Suggested Reading

Superimmunity by Joel Fuhrman, MD

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