Review from Darlene W.

Source: In Office | Feb 1, 2017

a comfortable experience



Review from Susannah S.

Source: In Office Nov 16, 2016

I love Dr. Beer and always have. He takes lots of time with you and "integrates"



Review from Nicole A.

Source: In Office Nov 16, 2016

Dr. Beer always addresses every concern.



Review from Mary G.

Source: In Office Oct 26, 2016

Saw Dr. Beer for Lyme Disease and ongoing health issues. I found him to be extremely knowledgeable, thorough and thoughtful. He spent a lot of time with me on both my visits so far and seemed genuinely concerned for a good outcome for me. It is still a work in progress, but I am feeling much more positive about a bright and healthy future.



Review from Terry W.

Source: In Office Oct 25, 2016

thorough, attentive and comfortable with good recommendations



Review from Kara K.

Source: In Office Oct 25, 2016

Great first overall impression. Eager to see where treatment goes.



Review from Bill B.

Source: In Office Oct 20, 2016

Dr Beer has been my GP for over 20 years. He is by far the most comprehensive and informed doctor I have ever had in my 66 years. There is no end to his medical knowledge. I could not recommend him more highly.



Review from Louise L.

Source: In Office Oct 19, 2016

I was well looked after by the staff and Dr. Beer is very smart.He diagnosed my problem immediately.



Review from Ilana S.

Source: In Office Oct 19, 2016

My initial contact with Dr. Beer's staff was so pleasant, they were all professional, courteous and accommodating. That gave me an indication of what to expect from Dr. Beer and I was NOT DISAPPOINTED!!! He was kind, patient, caring, inquisitive and thorough, I finally found a doctor that I could rely on for my health concerns.



Review from Benjamin T.

Source: In Office Oct 18, 2016

The doctor was professional and nice and very helpful to my medical needs



 Review from Neil G.

Source: In Office Oct 17, 2016

I am very fond of the entire staff and have had very very good experiences and medical care overall!


Review from Jivka C.

Source: In Office Oct 13, 2016

Dr. Beer and his staff are some of the most caring and knowledgeable healthcare professionals one can dream of! I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Beer's team to anyone searching for answers to their chronic health problems! In my view, Dr. Beer is the best doctor in NYC and I consider myself lucky not only to be his patient but also to work with his highly knowledgeable, patient, and caring staff!!!



Review from Ellen L.

Source: In Office | Oct 11, 2016

I feel that I am listened to, taken seriously, and whenever there is an urgent need to see the Doctor, it is arranged for me. I appreciate that very much. The Doctor and his office also consider alternative approaches to wellness, which is important to me, too.



Review from Brooke P.

Source: In Office Oct 10, 2016

Dr Beer is the best and Jess is really knowledgable and has great demeanor



Review from Amina S.

Source: Yelp Jun 21, 2016

Dr.Beer and his staff are excellent. I have been going to his practice for 4 years and I have never had a problem with appointments or follow ups. Their patient portal is excellent as they communicate everything through that promptly. Although it's quite a wait to get an appointment from Dr.Beer himself but his NP staff is well trained and equipped, with very good bedside manners. NP Cindy Tsau was super awesome.



Review from Anonymous

Source: Google Oct 21, 2015

Dr. Beer is a breath of fresh air in New York City. His knowledge is vast and his nuanced/holistic approach are unique. I had severe GI problems and he has helped me with through a combination of prescriptions and nutritional supplements. Not to mention, his bedside manner is fantastic.



Review from Andrew H.

Source: Zocdoc Jun 30, 2015

Dr Beer is very friendly, cheerful, and is very thorough and professional.



Review from Kevin D. 

Source: Yelp Apr 4, 2015

After botched dental surgery and an accompanying severe intestinal episode in 2011, I started suffering from all sorts of seemingly unrelated symptoms and began a long journey through exhaustive and expensive testing. Several syndromes were suspected, but eventually supplanted by others or found to be false. While my regular doctor tried diligently to figure out what was going on, he wasn't able to find the underlying source of the problems and I was getting very thin and was in pain and distress pretty much constantly. Eventually, my issues were chalked up to middle age and food intolerance, but I knew there was more to it. That's when I decided to look for a fully-accredited functional doctor and through my research discovered Dr. Beer's office. Dr. Beer is like a medical detective. My health--both past and present--had never been so thoroughly investigated. During my first appointment with him, he interviewed me and suspected a long-dormant case of Lyme disease might be the cause of my problems. Through testing and blood work, his hunch was found to be correct. I was also suffering from a laundry-list of accompanying maladies, imbalances and deficiencies. About six months ago Dr. Beer treated me aggressively with a cocktail of antibiotics, along with holistic methods, and I am now feeling much better than I have in a long, long time. Dr. Beer spends as much time as is required with you to get the job done. He is never condescending or makes judgements about your health choices and really listens. The nurses and practitioners in his office are all cheerful, helpful and professional. The practice is fully integrative and they treat you as a whole person, not body parts. I recommend Dr. Beer and his staff without reservation.



Review from Heywood J. 

Source: Yelp Jan 21, 2015

I have been a patient of Dr. Beer for over seven years. Dr. Beer and his staff are knowledeable in the leatest medical practices and work beyond treat-and-release methods. For me, they were able to identify chronic underlying issues that were the cause of acute issues was having. I feel a greater level of energy now. The staff at the same time has an old-fashoned personalized approach to service that is missing in most NYC medical pracictices, so I feel at home when I go there. Highly recommend!



Review from Michelle S. 

Source: Zocdoc Sep 23, 2014

Reassuring and thorough.



Review from Susan R. 

Source: Zocdoc Mar 31, 2014

Has been my doctor for many years and I love him!



Review from Laura K. 

Source: Zocdoc Mar 11, 2014

I really like this practice. Dr. Beer is very thorough in his examination. He provides excellent supplemental information and recommendations.



Review from Guy S. 

Source: Zocdoc Feb 11, 2014

It was great! Office staff, physician's assistant, and the doctor were all friendly, helpful, and patient. They explained things clearly, took care of my paperwork efficiently, and made me feel cared for.



Review from Jacob P. 

Source: Yelp | Jun 18, 2008

Doctor Beer is fantastic. I have been seeing him for a few years and I am always impressed. He is one of the most knowledeable and endearing MD's I have ever seen and has been extremely helpful with my chronic asthma.

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