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From mild confusion to memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease may affect about 30% of all people over the age of 85. Using a multidisciplinary, personalized approach, the team at Integrative Medical NY helps individuals in New York City cope with this progressive condition. From protecting your brain health to managing social or emotional aspects of the disease, the practice provides compassionate and comprehensive care. Book an initial consultation by calling the office or scheduling an appointment online today.

Alzheimer's Disease Q & A

What causes Alzheimer’s disease?

Several environmental, genetic, and lifestyle factors might cause Alzheimer’s disease. Aging is the most significant cause; your risk for the condition doubles every five years after the age of 65.

People who have the disease experience brain shrinkage and brain cell death, which is a normal part of the aging process and explains the link between Alzheimer’s disease and classic symptoms like memory loss or confusion.

Early treatment for Alzheimer’s disease may halt or slow the progression of symptoms.

What are the risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease?

Besides aging, numerous risk factors increase the odds you’ll develop the condition. These include having a first-degree relative, like a parent or sibling, with Alzheimer’s disease, being female, having Down syndrome, head trauma, or symptoms of mild cognitive decline.

There’s also evidence the same risk factors for heart disease — including lack of exercise, smoking, or obesity — can also increase the likelihood of Alzheimer’s disease.

What are treatment options for Alzheimer’s disease?

Alzheimer’s disease, like any other health condition, represents an imbalance in the body and brain. At Integrative Medical NY, the practice emphasizes a personalized approach that may include traditional, alternative, or integrative therapies. Depending on the nature of your symptoms, this might include:

  • Brain imagery tests
  • Medication management or natural supplements
  • Detoxification protocols
  • Lifestyle modifications
  • Cognitive therapy

By addressing the cause of your symptoms, the team at Integrative Medical NY provides Alzheimer’s disease treatment that supports all aspects of your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

How soon will I get better?

Some people can regain cognitive abilities and halt the progression of the disease, while others simply improve their quality of life and manage the condition through more awareness and education. Your healing timeline is unique to your age, the stage of the disease, and many other individual factors.

The team at Integrative Medical NY is committed to providing you with a wide range of options and solutions. With support and education, many people with Alzheimer’s disease can live long and healthy lives.

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