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No matter your symptoms, food is often the best medicine. With customized nutritional protocols, the team at Integrative Medical NY helps individuals achieve optimal health with the right diet. Serving patients in New York City, the practice offers services like IV therapy, supplement support, and dietary guidance for chronic illness. To begin a personalized program, book a consultation online or call the office today.

Nutrition Program Q & A

What is a personalized nutrition program?

Diet programs designed for the masses don’t consider your unique physiology. With a personalized nutrition program, the Integrative Medical NY team devises a custom dietary approach to best support your health and prevent disease.

Your treatment may include various approaches, such as IV nutritional therapy, working with an on-staff nutritionist, and taking high-quality supplements or nutritional products.

How do I get started on a nutrition program?

The goal of a personalized nutrition program is to integrate food and supplements into your overall healing plan. You start with an in-depth consultation where you can discuss your symptoms, dietary challenges, or other aspects of your health. Depending on your needs, your provider may recommend working with an on-site nutritionist or health coach.

Besides your nutrition program, you can begin other types of treatment simultaneously. The best healing outcomes usually result from a combination of approaches.

What results can I expect from a nutrition program?

With the right food and nutrients, the body can function beautifully. It takes time to heal from chronic conditions, but healthy habits accelerate this process while setting you up for long-term success.

At first, you might experience some detox symptoms as your body gets used to new foods and your liver processes and eliminates stored impurities. Over time, you should experience more energy, weight normalization, improved mood, better sleep, and fewer cravings.

As you work with the Integrative Medical NY team, they also ensure your health outcomes are improving and can adjust your dietary guidelines as necessary.    

What should I look for in a personalized nutrition program?

If you want to support your health with better nutrition, look for a program that involves natural, whole foods and supplements. It’s also important to have ongoing support and medical expertise, as not all diet plans are safe or effective for everyone.

The team at Integrative Medical NY is staffed with highly-skilled nutrition experts who can help you reach your goals with ease. Begin today by calling the office or booking a consultation online.